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Meet Our Bespoke Blue Light Filter Glasses

Built To Protect Your Eyes.


Made to protect your eyes from blue light with our high quality anti-reflective lenses.

Completely Compatible

Compatible for all uses - whether it be for reading, working or daily use watching television.

Important Information

Slick and lightweight glasses only weighing 13g with bendable arms leaving no need to worry about damage.

Additional Qualities

Providing you with a clear HD view & unbreakable lenses, Comfortable wear and easy to carry!

No More Eye Strain!

That's right, the Blue-Light Filter glasses help with all occasions. Whether it be your daily 9-5 sitting infront of a computer all day or watching your favourite series!

Highly Filtered Blue Light

Tests carried out have shown the difference from when blue light is not shining and when blue light is visible - as shown the lenses prevent blue light from harming your vision.

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